It Doesn't Take Much Work

To have great results

You don't want to spend much time running interviews. You also don't want to pay an arm and a leg to have them run for you. That's why we built this system. In just a few minutes you can be up and running, with pre-recorded webinar presentations playing when you want and the system ready to receive your applicants.

See the application page

We'll walk your candidates through the application, presentation, and final interview registration.

We track their progress through these stages so you can see details on everyone who applied.

You just run final interviews. Applicants are already scheduled for them and will join your Zoom meeting.

Save Money

At a $400/month savings vs the previous interview system, all managers can run interviews on the same platform.

Automated By Design

Setup your interview process once and we'll handle all your emails and scheduling.

Vendor Pages

Your hiring vendors get a page to invite applicants and we track everything so you can analyze their performance.

Manage Webinar Videos

Upload and manage your pre-recorded webinar videos anywhere, any time. Change them out however you see fit.

Experience the Advantage

Start your account

Control Your Webinar Presentations

Pre-record your webinar presentations anywhere, then upload them into your account. Accounts start with 3 active presentation slots.

Info Popups

Add popups to appear during the webinar with key points or extra detail to share with applicants.

Shared Webinars

Don't want to record your own? No problem! You can access presentations created and shared by other AO Managers.


Try multiple versions to find the presentation that attracts the most most applicants.

Share with others

Make your webinar public and other AO managers can use it for their presentations.

Easy Communication

Applicant communication made easy

Emailing with your applicants becomes simpler,
less cluttered, and more automated.

No Redundant Questions

A special question queue helps applicants only send you questions that have not been answered in the presentation.

Single Communication Thread

All applicant communication is kept in a single email chain for you, helping to reduce confusion and clutter.

Analysis & Insights

Gauge applicant interest by seeing how long they watched the presentation, how many times, etc...

Vendors Can Register Anyone

Through Our Simple Interface

We'll link everything together so you can know which applicants came from which vendors.

Know how many applicants each vendor has registered.

Gauge whether a vendor is bringing quality candidates.

Trust but verify. Data-backed results eliminates vendor mis-charging.

Easily calculate billing amounts using the numbers in your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get.

All webinar presentations are pre-recorded. The most common way this is done is by hosting your own Zoom meeting without any participants. You set the meeting to record and deliver your presentation as if it were live.

When you've completed the presentation, Zoom will save the presentation as a video (see Zoom's preferences in your application). Simply visit the webinar page in your account and now you can upload the new presentation.
There is no limit on run time, but AO recommends you keep your webinars under 30 minutes. We currently have a file size limit of 500MB for the video file. If your video file is too large, you can compress it using a video compression tool.
We have built-in support for Calendly. On the scheduling page you just paste the link for your Calendly event and we'll handle the rest.

If you do not use Calendly, we will send you an email so you can schedule the applicant yourself.
There are no contracts and the payments are made monthly. Cancellation is as easy as clicking the Cancel Subscription button in your account's subscription page. If you are within 7 days of your last payment, you can request a refund of the unused portion of the payment.

Who We Are

Epion Technologies was founded in 2013 by the brother of one of AO's top managers. Named after the Greek goddess Epione (the goddess of soothing), we focus on tools that business people can use to make their lives easier. Our product Mileage Ace manages mileage tracking for thousands of businesses and independent contractors.

24911 Via Santa Cruz
Mission Viejo, CA 98332 USA

Reach Out

You need more information? Ask other AO managers about or contact us with your questions.


Affordable monthly rates

Choose what you need. Change plans any time.



/ month
Basic GA & SA Functions
100 Applicants Per Week
Track / View Applicants
Use Team Leader's Webinar
Calendly Integration


/ month
Fully Automated Interview Process
3 Webinar Presentation Slots
Unlimited Applicants
Unlimited Vendors
Shared Webinar Access
Calendly Round-Robin

Core + $39

/ month
All Core Features
Webinar Performance Analysis
Vendor Performance Analysis
Applicant Analysis
+2 Webinar Presentation Slots
Share Your Webinars

Core + $59

/ month
For RGAs & MGAs
All Core Features
All Analysis Features
Full Depth Team Analysis
Unlimited Webinar Presentation Slots